“Westward Road Concert” Sunday Jan 28th 10 am

January 28, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am


January 28th SUNDAY

10:00am Worship Service

Westward Road

Hailing from Pendleton, Indiana, Westward Road is a gospel trio comprised of Scott Roberts, his wife Kelli and their son, Garrett.  Concert goers are sure to love their fun and energetic spirit as well as their ability to lead them into the very presence of God through their music.  Westward Road’s sound is a mix of a modern country feel with the gospel message of God’s saving grace through His faithful and loving Son, Jesus.  There is nothing like the blend and sound of family harmony and Westward Road is at the top of their game.  Westward Road’s prayer is”that our songs, our testimonies, and our lives embody the only true and lasting hope for the world, the hope of Christ, and that we will always be faithful in sharing it with everyone we meet.”  One pastor says this of the trio.  “Our Church was really in need of something to bring us together and lift our spirits. Westward Road was the perfect answer. We loved their beautiful and inspired singing. We also appreciated Scott and Kelli’s testimony. People are already asking me when they will be back. I wish we could have them every week. Their music would fit in any church. Ours is traditional and we were really moved by it. Good music is good music no matter what style you prefer. This is really good music. If you are looking for something to open people to worship and touch their hearts, Westward Road is the group for you.”